64oz. Heinz White Vinegar for $3.02

White vinegar is so versatile it should be in every home! I use white vinegar to clean my dishwasher, to brighten my laundry and get rid of stains, get rid of water residue, removing annoying stickers, a cat scratching deterrent, to extend the life of pre-cut flowers(though I personally prefer potted if I am to gift or be gifted!), and of course removing any carpet stains, among the hundred other uses. I have even read it’s good in the bath for a number of reasons! Again, It’s versatile and cheap! Seriously, get a 64 ounce bottle for $3.02 on Amazon right now.

This is an add-on item on a qualifying purchase of $25 but you can order it with NO minimum with Alexa! You can download the Alexa app on your smartphone and enable the “voice purchasing” setting for any of your Amazon Devices.

Alexa will tell you the top search result for your inquiry, which if done right, should be the right item you’re looking for. She’ll tell you how much the order will be, including tax, and will ask whether or not you want to buy it. Say “Yes.” Alexa will place your order with no $25 minimum required.

*Prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.

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