Get Free Influenster Boxes filled with Products

Influenster is a program that sends out thousands of free boxes each month. They are always full of free full size products. Full skin and hair care lines, new makeup, kids products, snacks, even Keurig’s. They really send out expensive name brand stuff-  just in hopes that you’ll use your social media influence to tell everyone you know what you think of the products!

I did one awhile back only using my Facebook that only has 392 or so friends on it. The photo below shows what my box contained, which I totally found off of Google! That being said, you don’t need a crazy high impact score to get free stuff! You can combine all your social media accounts to make your impact score higher- which I have done upon my return of rediscovering Influensters

I know several of you love your Vox Boxes. Let us know what you’ve gotten in the comments! If you haven’t joined yet click HERE.


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